Mailing and Fulfilment

As with all aspects of the marketing services we provide, our role is to make it easier to contact your audience and our in-house fulfilment centre ensures we can provide a complete direct mail process – significantly reducing the time, expense and stress associated with alternative methods.

Our expert staff can take care of all aspects of the process; simply let us know how much – or how little – input you want to have. At Ebbitt-Media we are determined to provide you with the solutions that will achieve your goals in the best possible manner.

Postage Savings

We can help you to secure the best possible savings on both national and international postage, advising on the most efficient delivery methods and making use of our state-of-the-art technology and software to sort your mailings into the order that maximises efficiency savings.

However, this does not mean this is our sole focus. It is vital to ensure the quality of the service is as high as possible, ensuring your mail reaches recipients exactly when you need it to.


Ebbitt-Media offers a complete mailing services and are able to provide you with a range of direct mailing fulfilment services including.

Enclosing: High-volume machines are able to feed a variety of insert materials into paper envelopes at incredible speeds. And for those that cannot be fulfilled by machine, we provide a hand-matching and fulfilment service, ensuring your specific needs are met.

Envelope printing: In addition to placing your items into the envelopes, we can address and personalise them using our top-quality systems.

Polybagging: This is a speedy and efficient way to wrap brochures, catalogues and machines. While also being cheaper and lighter than an envelope, this method allows the mailing design to show through, encouraging the recipient to open the package and engage with the content.

Data analytics

Effectively analysing and utilising data significantly improves the success of direct mailing campaigns.

Our data management service minimises wastage across the mailing process, validating postcodes, removing duplicate entries and profiling recipients to ensure you are targeting the right demographic for your materials – ensuring your ideas reach the correct, receptive audience.